Disc Rongeur

Length of Shaft = 15 cm, Width = 4 mm, Forward Cutting
Product Code: J-25-1245


Crowin Wire
Twisting Forcep

Length = 16 cm / 6-1/4", TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-21-1031


Metzenbaum Scissor

Length = 14.5 cm / 5-3/4", Blunt/Blunt, Curved, TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-22-645


English Pattern
Extraction Forcep

For Children
Product Code: SD-0438-40


Cottle Nasal Specula

Length = 14 cm / 5-1/2", Blade = 60 mm, Extra thin blades
Product Code: J-32-139


Starmed : Company :: Manufacturing Process

Production Manufacturing Process


At STARMED forging is done keeping in mind that the geometry of this process is a starting point and does not in any way limit your design freedom.


Milling is used in the surgical instruments industry, defined as the process of cutting, shaping and finishing of an instrument. It is the process that includes turning, welding and fringing. At STARMED we use the best milling technology which involves cutting away pieces of metal to create dovetails, threads, bevels, slots and ridges.

Grinding: (Filing & Setting)

In order to give a final shape to the instrument our highly skilled craftsmen use filling and grinding which removes the material from the instrument by abrasion. Then the instrument is keenly observed and set to perform perfect.

Heat Treatment:

At this stage each instrument passes through heat treatment which determines a considerable extent to the operating characteristics of the instrument. Heat treatment after grinding or sharpening is used to realize stress produced by grinding. prevent the development of grinding cracks and stabilize the structure.

Hardness Test:

For surgical instruments. the term hardness refers to the resistance to bending. scratching. abrasion or cutting. At STARMED hardness test is applied on instrument to measure its resistance to deformation. Keeping the application of instruments in view. this test is ranked very high in our manufacturing processes.

Final Finish:

Here the instrument is given final finish which includes, mirror, satin or matt finishes. The finish is as per customer requirement.


We use permanent and long life high quality laser etching which produces a wide variety of text and graphic images - including our customers logos. with very detailed and fine image quality.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

It is a recognized risk to surgical instruments of exposure to unidentified microorganisms during the manufacturing processes. To minimize the amount and degree of this risk and provide surgical instruments that are clean: safe to handle, safe for patient care, are cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning plants.

Quality Control:

Our quality control department is involved at all the manufacturing stages. but before the instrument goes to the packing department. its quality and function is thoroughly checked by our qualified checking personals.

Labeling & Packing:

Each instrument is initially packed in a poly bag and then packed in a primary box. The box is labeled which includes the article number type, size and manufacturing date.


After the instruments are packed and labeled, they are moved to our in house warehouse where the complete record is maintained by our qualified warehouse management. STARMED feels honor in declaring that we keep the maximum ready to ship stock of surgical instruments in Pakistan. Large stocks of instruments help us to reduce processing time of customers orders and resulting in faster delivery.