Disc Rongeur

Length of Shaft = 15 cm, Width = 4 mm, Forward Cutting
Product Code: J-25-1245


Crowin Wire
Twisting Forcep

Length = 16 cm / 6-1/4", TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-21-1031


Metzenbaum Scissor

Length = 14.5 cm / 5-3/4", Blunt/Blunt, Curved, TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-22-645


English Pattern
Extraction Forcep

For Children
Product Code: SD-0438-40


Cottle Nasal Specula

Length = 14 cm / 5-1/2", Blade = 60 mm, Extra thin blades
Product Code: J-32-139


Starmed : Company :: About Us


STARMED is serving humanity from many decades in the fields of surgery, hospitals, nurses and operating rooms.The corporate status of company is private limited.

Company Policy

STARMED shall not compromise on quality of the products. We shall achieve quality excellence by using quality assurance programs and techniques. Prompt and dedicated services shall be ensured to customers and efficiently to the best of our abilities.


Our commitment to quaiity, based on our continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process has placed us at par with international standards, while maintaining very competitive prices.

Work force

We are convinced that a highly qualified staff brings trust in our company. We are tight team. consisting of people. who with their education and experience contribute to our company strength. STARMED has more than 400 skilled people working hard to achieve company's targets.

Quality Management System

STARMED's manufacturing process emphasizes quality above all else. Craftsmen with technical and practical experience are hired in order to achieve international standards. The proper stainless steel, stamping and forged materials used are meticuiously selected and go through highly effective quality control.