Disc Rongeur

Length of Shaft = 15 cm, Width = 4 mm, Forward Cutting
Product Code: J-25-1245


Crowin Wire
Twisting Forcep

Length = 16 cm / 6-1/4", TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-21-1031


Metzenbaum Scissor

Length = 14.5 cm / 5-3/4", Blunt/Blunt, Curved, TC GOLD.
Product Code: JT-22-645


English Pattern
Extraction Forcep

For Children
Product Code: SD-0438-40


Cottle Nasal Specula

Length = 14 cm / 5-1/2", Blade = 60 mm, Extra thin blades
Product Code: J-32-139


Starmed : Company :: History

Starmed History

100 years of shear excellence and motivation of skilled and precision craftsmanship in making of the surgical instruments, late Haji Fazal Elahi is the pioneer who laid down the foundation stone of surgical instruments manufacturing in Pakistan. In early 1900‘s few instruments were brought to Haji Fazal Elahi from a local hospital to be duplicated. Nevertheless it was not a new kind of a job but determination and skills which late Haji Fazal Elahi possessed, went on to making the instruments needed by the local hospital. With astonishment to the member who had brought the instruments were duplicated with exact precision and craftsmanship at a low cost that was second to none. And a new horizon had shown to an extent that the surgical instruments were started in Sialkot City, Pakistan. After years of experience and knowledge of surgical instruments, the versatile and ambitious late Haji Fazal Elahi went on to establish a company of its own M.F.Elahi & Company in 1908. With advent of time, surgical industry spread out to other parts of the city which introduced new skilled personals in this field. Time went by and the Elahi family had ventured in this business and flourished the world with quality instruments at competitive prices to the hospitals, clinics, doctors and importers alike, as a family business. Later Late Haji Abdul Rashid, who was son of late Haji Fazal Elahi, joined the business and served with an excellent record in mobilization and further expansion of M.F.Elahi & Company. Substantial increase in business and international relations with clients throughout the world, Haji Abdul Rashid made it to pinnacle of success in the surgical industry. After the retirement of Haji Abdul Rashid from M.F.Elahi & Company as a chairman and years of dedicated work in the surgical industry, he had better plans of his own to devise a new company by the name of STARMED Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. in 1979. Today, the 3rd generation of late Haji Fazal Elahi is serving the business and has made STARMED fully equipped to manufacture a wide range of quality instruments according to international standards.